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From the Atacama to Makalu : A Journey to Extreme Environments on Earth & Beyond

By: Arrieta, Rodolfo T.

Price: $4.50

Publisher: Panama City, FL, U.S.A., Coqui Press, 1997

Edition: First American Edition

It is still uncertain if there is, or has ever been, life on Mars. Life on Mars would face some unique challenges. These challenges may be similar to those faced by organisms in extreme environments here on Earth. This book explores such places in detail and delves into the adaptations that allow organisms to survive in Earth's most inhospitable places. The author proceeds through extreme environments, including Chile's Atacama and Makalu, the world's fifth highest mount... View more info

Meet the Great Whales : An Illustrated Introduction to the Marvels of Cetaceans

By: Barstow, Robbins

Price: $22.50

Publisher: East Orleans MA, Parnassus Imprints, 1993

Edition: Second

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Life Histories of North American Wild Fowl in Two Parts

By: Bent, Arthur Cleveland

Price: $9.00

Publisher: New York, Dover Pubns, 1962

Edition: First Thus

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The Whole Whale Catalog

By: Brooks, Barbara (Editor)

Price: $5.85

Publisher: Waukegan, Greatlakes Living Press, 1978

Edition: First American Edition

A comprehensive collection of fact, folklore and fiction about whales and whaling. 176pp illust View more info

How to Catch Crabs

By: Cap'N Crabwelle

Price: $2.70

Publisher: Surrey BC, Heritage House, 1990

Edition: Reprint

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Camps and Cruises of an Ornithologist

By: Chapman, Frank M.

Price: $40.50

Publisher: New York, D. Appleton, 1908

Edition: First American Edition

Spine expertly repaired, original spine laid down, new endpapers. Pink Flamingo on front cover View more info

Watching Seashore Life

By: Cleave, Andrew; Ray, Susanna

Price: $9.00

Publisher: Severn House, 1984

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Discoveries: Whales: Giants of the Seas and Oceans (Discoveries (Harry Abrams))

By: Cohat, Yves; Collet, Anne

Price: $2.25

Publisher: U.S.A., Harry N. Abrams, 2001

Edition: First American Edition

Well-written, loaded with information, and with a rich assortment of illustrations, each Discoveries "RM" volume is a look at one facet of art, archaeology, music, history, philosophy, popular culture, science, or nature. These innovatively designed, affordably priced, compact paperbacks bring ideas to life and amplify our understanding of civilization in a new way. View more info

Orca 1: A Report on the Whales, Dolphins and Seabirds of the Bay of Biscay and English Channel

By: Cresswell, Graeme and Walker, Dylan (Editors)

Price: $27.00

Publisher: U. K., Organisation Cetacea, 2001

Edition: First Edition

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The Enchanted Braid;Coming to Terms With Nature on the Coral Reef

By: Davidson, Osha Gray

Price: $16.20

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons NY 1998, 1998

First edition. F/F Review Copy;Two coral reef cover photo's included in data. View more info

How to Know the Seaweeds : An Illustrated Manual

By: Dawson, E. Yale

Price: $7.20

Publisher: Dubuque, Wm. C. Brown Company, 1956

Edition: First American Edition

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Merveilles De La Nature : Les Vers, Les Mollusques, Les Echinodermes, Les Zoophytes, Les Protozoaires et Les Animaux Des Grandes Profondeurs

By: De Rochebrune, A. T.

Price: $270.00

Publisher: Paris, Librairie J. B. Bailliere et Fils, 1870

Edition: First Edition

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Darwin of the Beagle

By: Dibner, Bern

Price: $14.40

Publisher: Norwalk, Burndy Library, 1960

Edition: First American Edition

White card covers soiled.. 73 illustrated oversized pages, one fold out facsmile letter. Stamp to cover. View more info

Loch Ness Monster

By: Dinsdale, Tim

Price: $18.00

Publisher: Philadelphia, Chilton Book Co, 1962

Edition: First American Edition

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Dance to a Dolphin's Song : The Story of a Quest for the Magic Healing Power of the Dolphin

By: Dobbs, Horace

Price: $13.50

Publisher: London, Jonathan Cape, 1990

Edition: First UK Edition

Off the Irish coast, Dr. Dobbs shows there is no doubt that dolphins can generate a powerful sense of well being in people. View more info